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Offering medical physics consulting services to healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, imaging centers, research centers, and industrial facilities.


  • Radiology physics services
  • Nuclear medicine physics services

  • ACR accreditation services
  • Radiation Therapy physics services
  • Dental physics services

  • Chiropractic physics services
  • Veterinary physics services
  • Podiatry physics services
  • Industrial, schools, non-medical services
  • Shielding design and reports

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Heldebrandt Consulting, LLC

We are a medical physics consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience in medical radiation safety. We offer medical physicist inspection services from qualified experts as well as ACR accreditation consulting for all your medical physics needs.

Medical Physics Consulting


We provide consulting services and medical physics support to diagnostic imaging facilities and hospitals throughout Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Illinois.


Our physicists are certified by the American Board of Radiology in Diagnostic Medical Physics and Nuclear Medical Physics.


Over 25+ years experience in medical physics consulting


Services comply with all pertinent local, state and federal requirements of all regulatory agencies and organizations

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Radiation safety inspections are conducted at various periods depending on facility and imaging modality type, ranging from one to six years.

American Board of Medical Physics
Missouri Dental Association
Missouri Podiatric Medical Association
Missouri Veterinary Medical Association